We're always looking for talented actors, singers, and dancers who have a passion for theatre. Currently, we're casting men, women, and children for our upcoming productions.

To be considered for a role in one of our productions, please submit a headshot and resume below. Also, if there is a particular role you are interested in, please include the character's name in your email.

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Casting & Audition Information

We're accepting submissions for our upcoming productions. Please review the character descriptions below and indicate which role you would like to be considered for on the subject line of your email submission. Attach your headshot and resume and email to You will be contacted for an audition of we believe you are a fit for one of our roles.

If your submission does not include both a headshot and a resume, you will not be considered. Videos, links to your IMDb, online profiles, etc. can be included in your submission, but it will not be accepted as a substitute for your resume and head shot.

Upcoming Auditions

We're accepting submissions for our upcoming productions. Auditions are by appointment only. For more info on each show, including character descriptions, click the button below.

The Secrets We Keep

Character Descriptions:

Genesis – black male, age 30’s, married to Sydni, engineer, good man, funny, committed

Sydni – black female, early 30’s, married to Genesis, psychologist, sweet, romantic

Loretta – black female, age 50’s, Sydni’s mother, married to Clifton, socialite, bourgeoise, messy

Clifton – black male, age 50’s, Sydni’s father, married to Loretta, judge, sophisticated, well-to-do

Gladys – black female, age 50’s, Genesis’ mother, single, salon owner, sassy, good mom

Melvin – black male, age 50’s, single, ladies’ man, professional musician, dapper

Uncle Levi – black male, Loretta’s elderly uncle, crazy old man, comedic

It's Just Business - The Play

Character Descriptions:

Megan – black female, age 30’s – 40’s, savvy, professional, intelligent, engaged to Terrell

Shelly – black female, age 30’s, sassy, comedic, no-nonsense, married with two kids

Quincy – black male, age 50’s-60’s, married, nice guy, level-headed, mature

Martin – black male, age 30’s – 40’s, single father, hot head, carefree, fun-loving

Bob – white male, 50’s-60’s – smug, cunning, professional

Noreen – white female, age 50’s-60’s, arrogant, back-stabbing, sophisticated

Cyndi – Hispanic female, any age, nice lady with a crazy side

Terrell – black male, age 30’s-40’s, sexy, classy, gentleman, Megan’s fiancé

Things We Didn't Tell

Character Descriptions:

Nathan – black male, age 30’s – early 40’s, depressed, alcoholic, emotional, stressed, angry

Regina – black female, age 30’s, Nathan’s wife, frustrated, emotional, caring, stressed

Otis – black male, age 60’s, Nathan’s father, stern, old school father, authoritarian, abusive

Daisy – black female, age 60’s, Nathan’s mother, old school mother, loving, strong

Nicole – black female, age 20’s – 30’s, Nathan’s sister, witty, devoted, single mother

Trinity – black female, age 10-12, Nathan’s daughter, sassy, bossy older sister

Taye – black male, age 7-10, Nathan’s son, funny, clever, annoying little brother

Zachary – any race, age 30’s – early 40’s, Nathan’s best friend, psychologist, sincere, supportive, witty

Young Nathan – black male, age 8-12, wide range of emotions, must be able to cry

Jayden – black female, age 6 – 8, Nicole’s daughter, cute kid