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Monique D. Shaw


To be considered for one of your productions, please submit a headshot and resume to our Casting Director at  Auditions are by appointment only.  


Must be professional, reliable and experience with theatrical productions is preferred.  

MSP's Official Casting Agency:


Mo Davis, Casting Director

Fresh Talent Sources Inc.


Monique Shaw’s Will A Real Man Please Stand! - The Play


SHOW DATES:  August 3rd - 18th, 2018 in Atlanta, GA - 9 show dates




Tatiana Jefferson is a successful, intelligent and beautiful woman of God.  The Lord has blessed her with a great career, a fabulous home and a family who adores her.  There's only one thing missing; a soul mate.  Come along Tatiana's journey as she discovers that if she waits on the Lord, He will send her what she’s been waiting for; a REAL Man of God.




Grace – black female, elderly, grandmother, strong matriarch, old-school

Tatiana – black female, early 30’s, Grace’s granddaughter, successful, loving, romantic

Rachel – black female, early 30’s, John’s wife, pregnant, frustrated, unhappy in her marriage

John – black male, early 30’s, Rachel’s husband, unemployed, stubborn, lacks direction

Sasha – black female, early 20’s, John’s sister, wild, crazy, immature

Mimi – black female, late 40’s, Grace’s daughter, sexy, confident, and flirtatious

Nigel – black male, gay, mid 20’s, comedic, flamboyant

Kenton – black male, early 30’s, attractive, conceited, ladies’ man

Pastor Styles – black male, early 50’s, charismatic, comedic, dramatic

Darius – black male, early 30’s, gentleman, romantic, loving

Extras – 2 men, any race, age 25+


Rehearsals: Rehearsals will begin mid-May and will last for 10-11 weeks.




Production Dates/Location:  Shows will be held in Atlanta, GA during the 2018-2019 season for a run of 2-3 weeks, 3-4 shows each week on the weekend.


Compensation/Meals: All opportunities are paid unless otherwise indicated.  Actors will be compensated for performances and meals will be provided during the show dates.  


Rehearsals:  Rehearsal will be held on Thursdays 6:30-9:30 pm and Saturday mornings from 9am-1pm in Atlanta (schedule and location subject to change). Rehearsals will last for 10-11 weeks.


Audition Information:  Auditions are by invitation and appointment only.  We’re looking for actors who are professional, reliable, have own transportation, and can commit to the rehearsal and production schedule.  Experience in theatre is preferred.  Must have good memorization skills, can be off book quickly, and take direction well.  To be considered, please submit your headshot and resume to  Actors should be prepared to promptly submit a video audition.  Actors selected for consideration will be contacted immediately!  

We're currently casting for the following productions:

Monique Shaw’s The Secrets We Keep - The Play


SHOW DATES:  September 21 - October 6, 2018 in Atlanta, GA - 9 show dates




Genesis and Sydni, best friends and soul mates, have been married for 7 years and have wanted nothing more than to start a family.  When it seems like things are finally coming together now that Sydni’s pregnant, they learn of a family secret that tests their faith and marriage.  Find out if their marriage can endure this shocking family secret!  The Secrets We Keep is an inspiring, engaging and entertaining drama/comedy that shows how holding on to secrets from the past can impact future generations.




Genesis Freeman – black male, early 30’s, married to Sydni, engineer, good man, funny, committed

Sydni James-Freeman – black female, early 30’s, married to Genesis, psychologist, sweet, romantic

Loretta James – black female, age 50’s, Sydni’s mother, married to Clifton, socialite, bourgeoise, messy

Clifton James – black male, age 50’s, Sydni’s father, married to Loretta, judge, sophisticated, well-to-do

Gladys Freeman – black female, age 50’s, Genesis’ mother, single, salon owner, sassy, good mom

Melvin Rogers, Jr. – black male, age 50’s, single, ladies’ man, professional musician, dapper

Uncle Levi Bennett – black male, Loretta’s elderly uncle, crazy old man, comedy


Rehearsals: Rehearsals will begin July 9th and will last for 10-11 weeks.

Monique Shaw’s It's Just Business - The Play


SHOW DATES:  November 2nd - 17th, 2018 in Atlanta, GA - 8 show dates




This new comedy is about the corporate world and the scandals that go on behind closed doors.  Megan works as the HR Director for a well-known organization in Atlanta.  She's worked hard to build her department, but she soon learns just how cut-throat her boss Noreen is when she decids to "restructure" in a very selective and creative way.  See what happens in the world of Human Resources at this company.  You will never look at your company or your boss the same!




Megan Sharpe, black female, late 30’s – early 40’s – HR Director for large non-profit, savvy business woman, professional, intelligent, engaged to Terrell Johnson


Shelly McNeal, black female, early – mid 30’s – Purchasing Supervisor, Megan’s mentee and friend, sassy, can get ghetto at times, married with two kids


Quincy Peterson, black male, mid 50’s – Director of Transportation, Megan’s colleague, married, nice guy


Martin Smith, black male early – mid 30’s – Account Executive, Megan’s colleague, single father, hot head


Bob Bowen, white male, early – mid 50’s – CEO, smug


Noreen Foster, white female, early – mid 50’s – CFO, arrogant, back-stabbing


Cyndi Lopez, Hispanic female, any age – nice lady, CEO’s Executive Assistant.


Terrell Johnson, black male, late 30’s – early 40’s – Megan’s fiancé.


Rehearsals: Rehearsals will begin August 27th and will last for 11-12 weeks.

More casting notices coming soon!  Please check back for more productions!