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Things We Didn't Tell

This powerful dramatization follows Nathan's journey as he confronts the "monster in the basement." Sexually abused as a child, Nathan has tried to suppress the memories of his abuse and has never told anyone about what he experienced as a child until now. For years, he's suffered from depression, alcoholism, and emotional turmoil which led to his life spiraling out of control.

This dramatization sheds light on a subject that is rarely discussed; sexual abuse on males and the impact it has on the victim, as well as future generations.

Written, directed, and produced by Monique D. Shaw

Rated: Parental guidance recommended; contains profanity and discussions about sexual abuse.

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Meet the cast...


Dante Sellers is from New Bern, North Carolina. He received his Bachelors of Arts in Theater & Film Productions from Saint Augustine’s University. He is a member of the Alpha Psi Omega Theater Society and participating multiples plays and films throughout the years.


Rainy Cates is a southern bell with a New York demeanor.  Born and raised in the magic city of Birmingham, Alabama, Rainy (better known to many as Cates) will sweet talk, complement, joke, and motivate anyone in a single sentence. Rainy holds a bachelors degree from the illustrious Alabama A&M University where she was guided during her studies and post graduation by the late Javier Thompson. "I am a woman of many hats but Thompson (former professor) would always tell me, find one thing your really love and focus on making that amazing, and I haven't stopped talking since! I am an entertainer. Even when I try to blend I find my way to the center of the dance floor. It's my gift to bring others joy!" 


Spoken Word Artist, Eddie Oliver has graced many stages with his resonating sultry voice that can be felt in the soul and melts the hearts and ears of his listeners. His song I Just Want to Live was featured on the CD compilation FUSION: A BLEND of POETRY and MUSIC (Malaco Records). His intoxicating lyrical gift is also featured on all 11 songs of the Lee Williams and The Spiritual QC’s, God’s Groove! The Remix CD. His very own spoken word CD entitled POETIC SOUL: MIRROR IMAGES OF EDDIE OLIVER is laced with Hip-Hop, Jazz, and soulful rhythms. His follow up CD entitled STREET CORNER SOUL is just as masterful. Eddie is a rising star on the theatrical scene. He made his directorial debut in the hit musical stage play, Little Black Girl’s Blues which received rave reviews. Mr. Oliver received a best supporting actor nomination for his role as Neland in the stage play, The Apartment by Shut Up And Act Productions. He has also played the lead role in the hit Gospel stage play Daddy If You Only Knew, A Dance of Fatherhood, and Diante’s Hell where his smooth yet melodic urban poetry was featured.


What if you could take your best friend, your preacher, your mother, your favorite actress, your guardian Angel, your life coach, and your favorite comedian and wrap them all up in the same person? If you could do this, you would have yourself a Fredricka “Free” Kinlow and she is inviting you to join her for a Freedom Love Experience. From an early age, “special” has been one of the best words to describe Free. As it were, her life also fulfills the many meanings of this word. Since the tender age of eight, Kinlow has demonstrated a level of talent far above her peers as well as a keen God-given intuition about people and life. She recalls falling in love with performing after perfectly reciting Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream Speech at 8-years-old. This love affair with the lime-light has manifested in major acting credits over the last 20 years including: more than 20 plays such as Shakespear’s Madea, Dream Girls and The Wiz. Currently she is touring with the most sold out stage play in the nation “Beauty Shop” Diva’s Unleashed by the Godfather of Urban Theater Shelly Garrett where she plays Margaret. She has also appeared on television in Detroit 187 and Drop-Dead Diva which aired on the Lifetime network. Free was also creator, co-producer and host of the television talk show Table Talk in 2011, which focused on “intimacy from the bedroom to the kitchen countertop,” she laughed.


Maquita Eaton feels privileged to make her Atlanta theatrical debut as Nicole in Things We Didn’t Tell. She was last seen in the 2015 production Conversations in Faith as Ruth in Prince George’s County, Maryland. She trained at Chicago Actor’s Studio and at Howard University where she majored in Journalism and minored in Theater Arts. Most of her childhood years were spent in theatre; acting in productions such as Fame, Annie and A Christmas Carol. A media professional by day, Maquita is excited to get back to her passion of theatre with Monique Shaw Productions and is very thankful for the opportunity. She wants to thank God for ordering her steps and Carrington for his constant support.


Manson Thomas is excited to be performing in THINGS WE DIDN’T TELL, to be working with Monique Shaw and a great cast. He is originally from Terrell, Texas where in High School he fell in love with acting. He received his Associate's Degree in Fine Arts from the Kim Dawson Acting Conservatory in Dallas, Texas. He has performed on stage for Lynette Blackwell’s WHO’S THIS SLEEPING IN MY BED and was apart of the 30th Anniversary of Shelly Garrett’s BEAUTY SHOP: DIVAS UNLEASHED. He has been apart of great projects for film including the web-series A JUST CAUSE, and featured in a couple of short films including A LITTLE GIFTED, HEART OF HEARTS and THE TRAP.


I am enjoying life as an actress, gymnast, cheerleader, dancer, and working towards my modeling career as well. I have done a few plays for my church, such as Angels in Training, and Our Father, which in turn has helped me to prepare for the big stage in doing theatrical plays. I really enjoy the experience of meeting new and creative people! My first leading role in a theatrical play was He’s Risen- Gospel play, I loved being a part of such a great message and being able to perform in front of my family and alongside my fellow church members. I am very excited about an up and coming movie called “Nocturnal”; this is the first movie I have ever been casted for. Even though I did not have a lead role in this movie, the experience helped me to understand how to build and understand the character I am playing. Working with Hillside Pictures on the movie, Nocturnal alone gave me the knowledge of understanding how to actually be the character I am playing and portray them through the big screen.


Dezmond "Dez" Shaw is a natural when it comes to entertainment. Born in Tulsa, OK, Dez moved to Georgia when he was just two months old. Making his acting debut in the musical Angels in Training (Tiffany Roberts) at the tender age of 5, he couldn't wait until his next opportunity to grace the stage. He enjoyed being on stage so much that he asked his aunt Monique to "write me in" so that he could be a part of her next production. He is excited to play the role of Taye in Things We Didn't Tell. Originally cast in a smaller role, Dez was promoted to the role of Taye after proving he has what it takes to handle a larger role. He's witty, smart, and is an "old soul" that is wise beyond his years. Aside from acting, Dez attends 1st grade, loves old school music from the 70's, 80's, and 90's and is excited about recently becoming a big brother.


Kiara Baker is a young actress on the rise. She has had a love for the arts from a young age; always singing, dancing and recording herself, it was known entertainment was her life's path. She has been formally trained and has participated in community programs. She has also hit the ground running with background acting as well as three plays and two musicals with Alliance Theater. No matter the specific type of performance, Kiara immerses herself and gives it all she has. With entertainment in her heart she's sure to be on the big screen one day soon!


Tyaire Charles, born in the city of Brotherly Love, now resides in the state of Georgia. Tyaire enjoyed reading independently at the tender age of 4.  Fostering his passion for reading, drastically enhanced his creativity and imagination. Tyaire, at the age of 5, used his shower time as a platform to musically express himself through singing.  At the age of 9, he played his first major role in a school play as Booker T. Washington. In order to get more exposure to the world, Tyaire started acting and vocal training. Here he learned about storytelling and performing. Tyaire continuously hones his skills as he sings, dances and acts on stages between Georgia and New York.

Meet the Playwright, Director, & Producer...


Monique has been interested in the arts since she was a small child. Born in Aurora, IL, Monique moved to Tulsa, OK while in elementary school and lived there most of her life. She has loved music since she was a toddler! From singing in her church choir and in various groups, to playing the flute and alto sax in her high school marching and jazz bands, music has been and still is a big part of Monique's life.

Between 1989 to 1994, Monique worked on solo projects and performed as a feature artist with various R&B groups in Tulsa. From 1990 to 1994 while in college, Monique directed and produced various shows and programs including The Fall Fashion Extravaganza, a fashion show and talent showcase. In 1998, she founded and sang with The Shades of Harmony, a gospel singing sensation that performed at various churches, showcases and festivals from 1998‐2001. After leaving The Shades of Harmony, Monique turned her focus from performing to writing. Her interest in playwriting formed in 1999 when she decided to write her first play.

In 2000, she finished Will A Real Man Please Stand! From 2000 to 2008, Monique took a break from entertainment to focus on her family and career. In 2002, she left Tulsa and relocated to Atlanta. In 2008, she formed her own production company, Monique Shaw Productions (MSP), to produce original stage plays and other theatrical events. Since forming MSP, she has successfully produced 13 performances of the inspirational comedy-drama Will A Real Man Please Stand! In March 2009, the production debuted in Atlanta, GA with three sold-out performances and was then performed again in June 2009 at Meadowcreek High School in Norcross, GA to over 350 adoring patrons. Fans could not get enough of Real Man, so Monique produced another run in July 2010 in Atlanta and a final show in September 2011 in Norcross.

Her supporters and fans anxiously awaited her second stage production, The Secrets We Keep, which debuted in February 2011 with five performances at the Lionheart Theatre in Norcross, GA. It is with this production that Monique made her directorial debut. Secrets competed in March 2011 in the JBStar Play-Fest (Marietta, GA) and won several awards and nominations, including “Best Director” and “Best Producer.” This award-winning production returned to Atlanta in August 2013, with eight stellar performances at the West End Performing Arts Center in Atlanta. Secrets played at the Southwest Arts Center Performance Theater & Gallery in November 2014, Temple of Faith Ministries in Decatur, GA in December 2014, and Fresh Anointing House of Worship in Montgomery, AL in February 2015 for a total of 21 performances.

Monique produced a staged reading of her third stage production, It’s Just Business in September 2014 in Douglasville, GA and gave audiences a glimpse of the scandals that go on behind closed doors in the work-world. Most recently, Monique put the finishing touches on her fourth production, Things We Didn’t Tell, her first drama. She produced a staged reading of this production in October 2014 and left audiences on the edge of their seats in anticipation of the show’s debut. After taking a three-year hiatus, Monique is set to debut the production in December 2018 at the Sewell Mill Cultural Center in Marietta, GA.

In 2017, Monique won the Pre-Venture Category in The Amazing Entrepreneur Business Plan Competition in recognition of her business plan for an arts and entertainment company. Monique is currently preparing for MSP's 2018-2019 season where all four of her productions will be produced and she is working on finishing the sequel to Real Man entitled Happily Ever After and several new plays including Dear Daddy, One Fine Summer Day, Empty Nesters, and others.